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Bio-Green is 100% safe for the environment, children and pets. It will not burn your lawn. It will make your lawn, trees and shrubs green and beautiful. It contains natural ingredients to control and eliminate bugs, mold and diseases. It is the only lawn fertilizer fully approved for use in the environmentally sensitive area of the Tri-Cities.

Bio-Green is applied in a spray form directly to the lawn, trees and shrubs. It is currently being used by schools, churches, residential homes, parks, gated communities and commercial buildings.

Bio-Green's exclusive lawn and plant nutrition formula not only contains the three nutrients most fertilizers have, but every micro and macronutrient a landscape needs to thrive. Instead of focusing solely on pushing plants for fast growth, our formulas allow the plant to develop at their own speed. We are giving plants the correct balance of nutrients, soil microbes, and bacteria for consistent and healthy growth. This promotes stronger root zones and pH balanced soil which is essential for healthy growth.

Bio-Green's liquid tree food uses only biologically sound, food grade ingredients that trees can easily digest with no harmful bi-products for you and your family. This formula is unmatched in the industry and is absolutely revolutionary in its design and market position. Specifically formulated with enzymes, there are no other products that can demonstrate the results, the ease of application or the benefits to the tree fertilization industry. In feeding our trees and strengthening the roots, our formula provides unparalleled health and vigorous growth.